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"Pressure dialectic" in the international economic situation

"Pressure dialectic" in the international economic situation

Dollar depreciation, export tax rebates, labor costs, monetary tightening... Since the second half of last year, one by one, the news has been sent to thousands of textile companies.
The difficulties are not small. But the zazi see more than difficulties.
As a world-class textile industry base, shengze has had difficulties in the past. They believe that every major difficulty, in fact, is a new challenge that will force you to create more new solutions. Therefore, difficult to, first of all thinking cannot be shaken, but how to actively seek countermeasures, take the initiative to adjust the structure of the hard into the way, turn challenges into opportunities, turn pressure into motivation. This is the "pressure dialectic" of shengze people.
The traditional industry is not equal to the sunset industry, and the innovation of scientific and technological innovation is invigorated
There is such a thought that the traditional industry seems to be "no good" and "no energy".
Sheng hongming, the party secretary of shengze, did not see it that way. "The textile industry is a traditional industry," he said. "but man can't live without clothes, and he needs to get better. In this sense, the textile industry is not the sunset industry, nor the low-tech industry, which is the vitality of the textile industry. The vitality of this industry will stimulate the innovation of the textile industry. As long as we keep abreast of science and technology and equip the textile industry with high-tech equipment, traditional industries can also become high-tech industries.
As soon as you walk into the city, you will feel a strong sense that innovation is infusing thousands of thousands of silk with vitality.
'the fetal education we hear in my mother's stomach is the sound of the loom,' he said. Nowadays, the people in the veins of the spinning of the textile cells, more and more attention to the use of "outside brain" to improve the textile industry. They run research institutes, accelerate scientific research cooperation and development, and have traveled all over the world.
Today, silk has maintained long-term cooperation with more than 10 universities, including donghua university and nanjing university, with more than 20 r&d centers and more than 700 patents filed last year.
With the continuous innovation of science and technology, shengze textile products emerge endlessly, bringing new market and profit space to the traditional textile industry. In the textile market, new memory fabrics woven with PTT high polymer memory yarn are hot. In the first half of the year, shengze textile companies poured into the development of similar high value-added products. Today, in shengze, the minimum of 30 yuan of memory fabrics produced by domestic raw materials is more competitive advantage than similar products produced in Korean raw materials. This technology and product, shengze is almost in sync with the international.
In Germany and Japan, hengli group has set up research and development center in Germany, and the price of bamboo carbon filament is RMB 68,000 per ton, and the same raw material produces more than four times as much. Adhere to the combination of HDT group, anti-wrinkle silk products were included in the provincial major scientific and technological achievements transformation project, the current market price of $50 per meter, is nearly 10 times, silk products per ton price from 300000 yuan to 2 million yuan. Hantong silk textile factory is focusing on new product development, with more than 700 new varieties introduced each year.
The vitality of innovation has triggered the talent concentration effect. Last year, the town invited more than 1,000 students from five colleges to visit the site and received more than 780 application agreements. This year, shengze is planning "a hundred masters in shengze", accelerated talent gathering.
Stress is a new benchmark, and new challenges bring more new opportunities.
Domestic and foreign macro-economic environment tight constraints, does give a lot of spinning enterprises to bring pressure: the export risk of foreign trade increases, the list dare not to take; Raw materials have been greatly increased and profit margins have been squeezed.
"Stress, in a sense, is not a bad thing, it will force companies to make up for their own deficiencies and strengthen their competitiveness." "He said.
Wujiang Wang Jianyun think, director of the economic and trade commission, the new tight constraints on the macroeconomic environment, to form a new kind of power, promote the history.the textile industry from quantity to quality, from products to high-quality goods, from the acceleration of varieties to brand promotion. In the face of difficulty, under pressure, the shengze people did not complain, but relentlessly to check their "soft rib", strong sinus.
"It is not easy to make tens of billions of businesses. It is more difficult to be a century-old enterprise." To make silk eternal youth, we will cultivate a batch of 100 years enterprise. At present, shengze is speeding up the company's listing, improving the financing ability on the one hand, and making the enterprise realize the healthy development in the social and public supervision and management.
In November last year, a group of 30 enterprises in shengcheng district, established in China, explored the opening of the value-added channels for private enterprises. Currently, it has successfully made equity investments in xi 'an, chongqing and changsha. Last year, the company raised 588 million yuan. This year plans to raise another 1 billion yuan.
For a long time, as the intermediate product link, many companies have no brand awareness, but in today's fierce competition, no brand means losing market. Vigorously implement brand strategy, has become the self-conscious practice of shengze textile enterprises. Hengli group's "hengyuan brand" polyester filament last year was awarded the Chinese name brand products, relying on the brand advantage, its ultra-fine polyester filament domestic market share first. Last year, hengli invested another 1.8 billion yuan to build a superbright silk project, which became a world class super bright silk industry base, and promoted the export competitiveness of China's high-end textile products. "The superclass enterprise does the standard", grasps the standard, is mastered the industry development say. In the history.the nowadays, more and more enterprises to participate in the national industry standards, set by the Oriental silk market of textiles coding standard of the public has just ended, will soon be formally recognized. The development of this standard will provide important support for textile online transactions in the future. Before and after the end of 2006, ChengHong group participated in the national standard, the chemical fiber filament polyester filament products method of national standard system revision work, chemical fiber group deputy chief engineer for chemical fiber filament method standard and polyester filament group leader, be entirely responsible for this kind of the standard system revision in the country.
Energy conservation and emission reduction is not a straitjacket, but a booster environmental pollution that promotes the competitiveness of enterprises. It is the biggest short leg of printing and dyeing industry. There is no denying that in one period, textile printing and dyeing industry entered the erroneous zone in exchange for economic benefit at the expense of the environment.
But in today's tightening of macroeconomic conditions, the people of shengze have seen their duty to restrain themselves with tougher environmental measures. Shengze is located on the border of jiangsu and zhejiang. Many years ago, the environmental protection conflict of the border shocked the state department. In recent years, shengze has made the comprehensive improvement of the environment a top priority. It has been involved in pollution control, science and technology, pollution control, pollution control, comprehensive control of pollution, and multiple measures. Gratifying achievements have been made in the years of efforts, now, both party and government leaders and enterprise boss often come to often, communication coordination, from one side to confirm the ChengZeRen rebuilt environment friendly efforts and achievements.
Shengze town has spent a lot of effort to control the air pollution caused by water jet loom sewage and coating enterprises. This year, the environmental investment in the fiscal budget is 105 million yuan. COD discharge of textile waste water is not up to standard and is firmly closed. 158 coating lines will be relocated to specific areas and upgraded.
ChengHong group first investment of 36.3 million yuan of water reuse project, by day processing 20000 tons of raw water treatment system, materialized two levels of printing and dyeing and processing capacity of 10000 tons of dyeing and printing wastewater membrane treatment system two procedures, can make the printing and dyeing wastewater COD concentration fall below 10 mg/l, after processing of water can still cycle used in production. The reporter saw at the scene, after the world advanced environmental protection means treated industrial sewage, the color has become clear and transparent, use this system, printing and dyeing wastewater recycling rate of more than 60%. "Energy conservation and emission reduction, this is not only the social responsibility of the enterprise, but also the new competitiveness of the enterprise, the faster it goes, the sooner it benefits." This is sheng hong group and so on a large number of textile enterprises experience. ChengHong self-developed energy-saving projects last year, the compressed air station technology, only using the waste heat to drive a turbine will reduce the energy consumption 20%, formed the industrial chain for power generation, heating, compressed air, in a large amount of energy savings at the same time, won a RMB 10.9 million bonus for national development and reform commission (NDRC).
Non-renewable land resources, regional carrying capacity is limited, improving the unit of land resources output and contribution is imminent, city put forward the "agriculture to hero mu theory, industry also to per mu yield of heroes". Last year, shengze textile company was the first to "move the building", to the sky to the land, the yongkangda spraying factory, new wu textile co., LTD. 12 companies to build a multi-storey factory, save the land 170 mu. This year, shengze is ready to invest 7 million yuan to "build" 300 mu of land. The company is committed to making "unmanned factories", and its equipment is specially designed from Japan's jinja and Toyota. Each worker has more than 20 machines and 30 of them. According to general manager ren hong, the enterprise has been pushing the Japanese 5S and 6S management model, which has been controlled through electronic process, which has greatly reduced the cost of human resources.
In the past three years, no new industrial land has been added to the whole town, and the total energy consumption of the whole town has decreased by more than 6 percent per year, while the economic benefit has increased by about 30 percent. In 2007, shengze achieved a gross regional production of 150.37 billion yuan, with a general budget of 11.59 billion yuan. Energy consumption per unit of GDP fell by 5.1%, COD of main pollutants dropped by 6.14%, and total sulfur dioxide emissions fell by 8.9%. In the first five months of this year, the general budget of the town was 584 million yuan, an increase of 11.52 percent year-on-year.