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SWOT analysis of Chinese textile and clothing brands in the Russian market

SWOT analysis of Chinese textile and clothing brands in the Russian market

  In early 2000, due to the massive influx of Chinese clothing Russia, with the demand of the existence of a seller's market, so some unscrupulous businessmen did a lot of bad input Russian goods, cause the goods made in China in Russia the consumers' mind status, once some Russian market even hang out "no Chinese goods, please rest assured the choose and buy" brand.
  From these mistakes, started in 2001, a group of honest, pay attention to the quality of Chinese clothing enterprises in Russia and eastern Europe, through their unremitting efforts, gradually back once the credibility of Chinese people, here to lose face. They used the product quality and the integrity of human being, and gradually let Russia, our great neighbor, open their arms again to "made in China".
  So several big core cities in Russia, we can see there are now two Chinese brand in the trade center, shopping center, the visual quality of good faith as the life of the Chinese clothing enterprise, is the whole of Russia and eastern Europe and the agents there together makes the terminal stores one by one, and begin to show China's clothing brand community, with their persistent and firm brand awareness to improve China's clothing brand abroad status:
  In China, down jacket and cotton-padded jacket, is one of the largest commodities to Russia through put in clothing trade, this is decided by Russia's unique cold climate features, because of qiu dong season here for nearly eight months. So through our comprehensive terminal market research in Russia, the Russian domestic brand down jacket and cotton-padded jacket mainstream competition made a comparison of various marketing elements and then put into Russia's leading enterprise and the local Chinese garment strong brand made a SWOT analysis. One, the local brand marketing factor of the Russian brand compares the brand performance
brands1 brands2 brands3 brandsbrandsTop sales SAVAGE FiNN FLAR MEXX Baon TOM FARR Category most abundant FiNN FLARE SAVAGE MEXX Baon TOM FARR Best on display MEXX SAVAGE FiNN FLARE TOM FARR Baon Shop goods rate is highest FiNN FLARE MEXX SAVAGE TOM FARR Baon public praise best SAVAGE MEXX FiNN FLARE Baon TOM FARR terminal advertising best SAVAGE FiNN FLARE MEXX TOM FARR Baon promotion best TOM FARR SAVAGE MEXX FiNN FLARE Baon above comprehensive analysis, not ugly, SAVAGE and FiNN FLARE is just what we Chinese clothing enterprises to gaze at the strength of the competitors.
  Two, into the leading enterprise of Chinese clothing in Russia the SWOT analysis of the combination of the above several Chinese clothing brand enterprise terminal construction situation abroad and domestic research and development, design, production, marketing, supply chain, we made a SWOT analysis is as follows:
Russia, in this great country, our risks and opportunities coexist, as long as we see ourselves, look at the market, find all the competitors, and understanding them, we will have hope.
  Though we are the earliest Chinese clothing is cheap to enter the market, probably just a few short years hard comprehensive change where people on the "fair" made in China, perhaps a few years from now is going to, to a low profile stealth savings, but once the terminal node layout to achieve a certain number, promotion and brand promotion for regional market and then real Chinese brand era of light is not far away.
  We have reason to believe that, with the improving of the China's national strength and rising international status, China's clothing brand just keep to create passion, never slack morale and the quality of the good faith forever, so, ten years emerged a few international brands such as ESPRIT, Zara is entirely possible.
Mr. Fang qing-fo - economist, senior logistics division, guest lecturer at tsinghua university. Former senior brand manager of xinhua news agency, China advertising corporation, Beijing pharmaceutical holding company, us, mail advertising company general manager, Asia Pacific, days lion group's global brand manager, project director, head of the east fidelity (China) investment company brand. Manager of Marketing Department of dongshang clothing company; Mr Fang Qifeng pay attention to the enterprise brand construction, specialized business, strategic planning, diversified development and integration of logistics strategy, cosmetics chain operation, Russia and eastern Europe clothing market the brand operation of a large number of field experience.