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Production coordinator

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Manufacturing Technique
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Full time
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Over 10 years
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Senior high school
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2022/09/11 00:00
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Responsible for the implementation of sales plan, and the whole process control from the quality of fabric to finished products, cost, and delivery, to ensure 100% delivery. The review and summary of customer orders, the release and tracking of production plan, material plan tracking, customer distribution plan registration and tracking, coordination of production progress, and the change of product orders and distribution plan.
The coordinator is responsible for the completion and over fulfill of the production plan. Collect daily production report from the workshop and receive feedback. Study the current production arrangement and ensure the progress to enable the balanced production in workshops.
The production arrangement determined by the coordination meeting should not be changed by the workshop without authorization. If there is a temporary situation change, the workshop must contact the coordinator first.
According to the completion of the production plan, the coordinator should coordinate the fabric varieties, material release list, batch production, semi-product progress, and finished product storage as a whole.
Organize the coordination between relevant departments, and directly exercise coordination power.
For any emergent problems in production, the coordinator should assist the workshop departments to take emergency measures.
Coordinate production to ensure the production is within the specified operation process and the standard scope of the equipment, so as to ensure product quality.
Fill the coordination record card. Record the main production status of this shift and the requirement and problems need to be solved by the next shift, and handover to the next shift.
College degree or above, healthy body, dyeing and finishing related field, familiar with office software, familiar with the  production process control of interwoven fabric, 5 years of relevant working experience
TEL:0579-88136638 or Zhang:13812812758