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Finance director & Accountant

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Finance Department
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Full time
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5-10 years
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No limit
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2024/02/11 00:00
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One finance director and one accountant

Take full responsibility for the daily work of the company’s finance department including accounting, cashier, bills and vouchers, and production statistics under the leadership of the general manager. The financial staffs should complete the following works:        
Prepare and implement the budgeting, financial revenue and expenditure plans, credit plans, formulate the fund raising and use plan, open up financial resources and effectively use the funds. 
Conduct costs and cost forecasting, planning, control, accounting, analysis and assessment, and urge the relevant departments of the Company to reduce consumption, reduce errors, save costs and improve economic efficiency.     
Establish and improve the economic accounting system, conduct economic activity analysis using the financial and accounting data, such as checking of sales quantity (stock removal), checking of number of each sale and payment, confirmation of payment methods, number of stocks and total funds, etc.;  
Establish an itemized account of accounts receivable and accounts payable, verification and write-off of accounts, computer payment account, cash account check. 
Establish an itemized account of sporadic accounts, such as: electricity, water and daily expenses, other daily expenses, courier fees, canteen costs, etc., and establish daily machine account for them.    
The checks and cash flow of the finance department must be signed by the general manager. Nothing could be done without the approval of the general manager. 
Other works assigned by the company’s leaders. 
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