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Sizing director

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Preparation workshop
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Full time
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5-10 years
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No limit
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2022/09/11 00:00
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The main equipment of our company include 5 sets of Yancheng asga288 high-speed warping machine, one 308 and one 310 sizing machine of Zhengzhou Textile , 288 sets of Japan Toyota 710 jets, 4 sets of high voltage starting air compressor and so on.
Fully responsible for the work in preparation workshop, including: warping, sizing, winding and the management work of workshop equipment, quality, production plan, operation, site management, safety and so on. Arrange the work based on production orders or change notice. Organize staffs to complete the production progress, and improve the quality of the semi-product.
Based on company process instruction, obey the arrangement of the production schedule, and supervise the quality during the production process. Standardize the work record and lead the team execute together
Standardize the operation requirements of each job. Develop the process operation rules and regulations. Be directly responsible for quality problems, such as: wrong raw material, warp discrepancy, fixed-length errors, cylinder error, and violation of the process requirement, as well as light sizing, sizing spot, sticking, beheaded, uneven beam, etc.
Strictly follow the specific provisions in the Production Process Quality Control Procedure. Implement supervision in accordance with the specific provision of equipment maintenance management. Develop equipment patrol inspection, equipment maintenance to make sure the equipment is neat and clean. Strictly control random phenomenon in work
Host monthly independent team meeting, and carry through the company's related spirit. Positively advocate the improving of good weaving shaft rate. Control warp yarn use and control waste. Resolve quality problems and personnel disputes in the production process. Accept the work inspection by the company at any time;
Attach importance to and improve the completion rate of each indicator, and be directly responsible for the following: process check, semi-product good shaft rate check, machine parts consumption control, rate of equipment in good condition, production site safety inspection, energy consumption control, and the rational use of raw material.
Attach importance to and improve production site neat and tidy work. Establish reasonable operator machine cleaning, daily ground cleaning, and weekly cleaning of high space and walls. Carry out cleaning work inspection.
Standardize the neat stack of weaving shafts and raw materials. Prevent collisions between the weaving shafts to affect quality. Assess the collection of small cone yarn and waste packaging, the operator's random waste of raw materials, and so on.
TEL:0579-88136638 or Zhang:13812812758