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Weaving workshop director

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Weaving workshop
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2022/09/11 00:00
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Fully responsible for the activities of the weaving workshop, including: Allocation of labor force, operation technique, equipment management, labor discipline, safety production, clean and tidy environment, product quality and production efficiency. Directly supervise equipment supervisors, coaches and shift leaders, and form the whole workshop production management network.
Base the process instruction, obey the arrangement of the production scheduling, and arrange reasonable production priority. Implement process inspection and standardize shift records. Strictly follow the specific provisions of The Quality Control Procedure of Production Process. Specify the tasks and carry out patrol inspection;
Develop operation rules and regulations, and be responsible for the implementation of various indicators, such as: good weaving shaft rate, product quality, and the control of continuous defect, and has direct management responsibility for product color difference caused by production quality or process violation;     
Follow the specific rules of equipment management. Guide and support the equipment supervisor to implement the equipment cycle inspection in the department. Implement supervision, guidance, and assessment, and publish the inspection data and the existing problems on that day. Support equipment supervisor to organize competition activities;
Hold monthly team meeting to analyze the main factor affecting the efficiency and quality. Arouse the enthusiasm of shift operators, organize operation quality activities, and resolve quality problems and personnel disputes in the production process. Accept the work inspection by the company at any time;
Actively implement the 5S work at the production site. Inspect and assess the work quality of cleaners, blowing workers and running sweepers. Keep working environment of the workshop clean, tidy and comfortable.
Attach importance to and improve the completion rate of each indicator: production efficiency, process inspection, product quality, good weaving shaft rate, consumption of machine parts, rate of equipment in good condition, production site safety inspection, energy consumption control, and yarn use control.
Attach importance to the fixed location management in the workshop, and make sure the transporter, cloth rod, and mobile devices are neat and tidy on the fixed positions. The raw materials and tools in the weft yarn room must be clean and tidy.
TEL:0579-88136638 or Zhang:13812812758